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The moment you are assigned an inmate number, the rules you have been taught to live by instantly are changed. Hiring a Federal Prison Consultant who has spent time in federal prison can alleviate your fear, be a source of information, and a communication link between you, your family and friends, and your attorney.

It is invaluable to have the assistance and support of a prison consultant who has forged the road ahead

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LA Myers Consulting was created out of my desire to help women and men who are facing a federal imprisonment, as a first time inmate, prepare for federal incarceration.

As a woman who has served time in a federal prison camp, I know what you are facing. With millions of people locked up every year for non-violent crime, you are not alone.

I offer concrete information, workable, not only for you as the client but also for your loved one’s, family and friends – all who are affected by your impending incarceration, and continue to be affected, until your time is served and your probation period terminated.

As a federal prison consultant and coach, my goal is to create a circle of support and communication between myself, your attorney, and your family and friends. With teamwork we can assure your questions are answered, even the ones you may not know to ask.

My vision is to guide you to make conscious choices every step along the way as you move closer towards your incarceration.

Life does not feel easy or simple when confronted with going to federal prison. Acknowledging this, we can put it aside and begin to create a more desired dynamic - a dynamic of positive action, care and preparation.

With information, intention and consistency, I can help to create a safe space that within you can begin to build your courage for your transition – from the world, as you have known it, into federal prison.

With my experience working in personal growth and transformational seminars, and in the real estate investment field, I have learned the importance of creating not only an informative experience, but a nurturing one as well – an experience of action, moving out of acceptance of what is, and what is possible.

LA Myers networks with a team of individuals focused within the field of transformative justice and federal incarceration.

  LAMyers Federal Prison Consulting    

Jennifer Myers grew up among the cornfields of Ohio. Graduating from the Ohio State University in 1991 she moved to Chicago where she began a career as a Modern Dancer. Performing and choreographing for the next seven years in Chicago and through out the Midwest, she eventually became artistic director of her own company, ‘Structure’.

In 1996, the sudden death of Jennifer’s dancing partner prompted her to question life, catapulting her on a spiritual search. She traveled to India and to San Diego, where she participated with a community helping produce self-growth seminars. In 2002 she began a career in Real Estate, yet could not escape a part of her past and poor decision-making. On April 23, 2003 she was arrested by the Federal Government and indicted along with twenty other people for her participation in a marijuana conspiracy. While on Pre-Trial she continued in real estate until her self-surrender, opening a real estate investment office in Los Angeles for the company she worked and managing operations.

With the tremendous support of her family and friends Jennifer was able to make it through two and a half years on pre-trial, awaiting sentencing- her future unknown. Having no choice but to surrender to her experience, she began to built fortitude and strength and a deeper reverence and trust for the process of life. On November 22, 2005 Jennifer was sentenced to three years in a Federal Prison Camp.

Mostly, it was by the help of hiring Federal Prison Consultant, David Novak that Jennifer was able to self-surrender on February 28, 2006 to FPC Alderson, feeling more secure and knowledgeable about what she would be facing. When she walked through the prison gates, David was still available for her questions.

Her fourteen months incarcerated, though challenging and difficult, gave her many gifts as well. In prison she created relationships she valued. She was stunned at the large number of women locked-up for non-violent crime, most on lengthy drug sentences, and many leaving a child behind. When she was released she made a personal vow to give back from her experience.

Upon meeting women in prison who had not had the support of a prison consultant before their incarceration, Jennifer began to realize how lucky she was to have had David Novak by her side - someone she could talk to, and lean on, who had walked the path before her.

Jennifer’s desire is to offer the knowledge she has gained from her own personal journey, to and through federal incarceration, and give it to you.

Currently, she is working on writing her first book about her experience, and continues her custom hand-made design business, Tarikidesign, which originated from her time spent incarcerated.















Facing Federal Incarceration can be one of the most difficult experiences to go through; challenging, impacting and overpowering your present life.

All though no one wants to go to prison, it does not have to feel like the end of your life, or the beginning of a downward spiral. It can be a time for you to investigate a new and unknown world. Acceptance is a key.

The support LA Myers consulting offers can help by providing valuable information to you, and your family and friends; information describing daily prison life. Information including;

  • Bureau of Prison (BOP) facility designation
  • 500-hour Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)
  • Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) preparation
  • Review of the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSR)
  • Medical and health care, concern and questions.
  • Visitations, mail, phone calls
  • Bureau of Prison (BOP) protocol.
  • Prison etiquette

A personal consultation with someone who has been incarcerated in a federal prison can be invaluable.
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Every situation is unique.  You have your personal story and individual history. Working together as a team, we strive to discover what information you need, and how best to support you before, during, and after your incarceration.

We strive for 100% availability from the time are hired, until the completion of your incarceration. We realize confidentiality is crucial.



Mission of LA Myers Consulting - Prison consultants.




We are working on building a model within each woman can naturally flourish. Prisons, originally built to house men, are geared to support the male population. All though the differences between men and woman’s federal prisons are few, they do exist. We acknowledge this through our approach. We are able to operate with our focus on feminine concerns. Gynecological health, breast examination query, female relationships, and living with male guards are a few questions our female clients have.

As women, we help our clients to care for their body and state of mind while incarcerated.







Men consist of approximately 93.4% of the total federal prison population. Men need help and support as much as women.  Men often meet their needs through gathering  information and facts. LA Myers provides this. We watch as our male clients experience the roles they’ve played intheir lives begin to shatter. When a man is incarcerated he often leaves behind a family – a partner, children. The scope of the effect of incarceration is grand. As women,we support our clients to continue to build and sustain relationships, before, during, and after their incarceration.


Hiring a prison consultant and coach can only increase your
chance of success in your adaptation to prison life.

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Your Client's Questions + Answers + Guidence


LA Myers consulting will be there for your clients when you cannot. Plus, we can offer your clients an insight into the prison system and coach them into making this life transition more tolerable. With the expertise and experience of our consultants, we can assist your clients during the pre-sentencing phase, post-sentencing period and during their incarceration.


  • Prepare your client for the Pre-sentence Interview
  • Help to prepare your client for the sentencing hearing.
  • Help your client and their family and friends prepare to address the court at sentencing.
  • Testify in court as an expert witness of the Federal Prison System and what incerceration can offer your client.


  • Prepare BOP designation request
  • Assist in prison preparation
  • Assist in visitation lists, phone list, financial affiairs during incarceration
  • Inform client of allowable items to take to prison


  LA Myers will answer questions for your client regarding the following:
  • Housing accomodations
  • Meals and commissary
  • Educational opportunities including college accredited cources, correspondence courses and continuing education courses
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Email from Federal Prison
  • Restitution related questions
  • Residential Drug Awareness Program
  • Jobs in prison
  • Apprenticehip programs
  • Unicore
  • Good time release
  • Half-way house release
  • Jail time credit
  • Psychological assistance during incarceration
  • Medical care during incarceration
  • Religious choices during incarceration
  • Dog training programs


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